Care of Genuine Sterling Silver Jewelry

It's all about ".925"

**Look for this .925 "hallmark" on an inconspicuous part of your jewelry, such as the back of a pendant or the clasp of a chain.  This hallmark stamps insures that you are receiving a genuine piece of fine Sterling Silver jewelry.  Keep in mind that Sterling Silver jewelry that is un-plated has no unwanted metals on the surface that will peel off over time or interfere with the properties of the pure Sterling Silver, which is highly important to our discerning customers.  You see, .925 Sterling Silver is a pure metal, and if it is not coated or plated with an artificial metal seal, then it can react with chemical elements in our environment.  Our Sterling Silver line of jewelry is made with 92.5% pure silver with 7.5% copper as an alloy to make it stronger. This is the industry standard for fine .925 Sterling Silver and Jewelry Trends NC makes sure that our jewelry is always at this standard by frequent testing. 

**When Sterling Silver is not plated, you have to take care of the jewelry and not expose it to any harsh chemicals including chlorine (pools and some hard city water), or clean it with any acid base cleaners or alcohol.  Alcohol base cleaners, sunscreen, oils, lotions, colognes, hair products, aftershaves, etc... will "turn", or tarnish your item. 

**When people complain about their silver turning black it is sometimes because they exposed it to alcohol bases, or if they complain about silver turning green, that is because they exposed it to acid bases.  Green or blue tarnish can be a natural process of oxidation (very often from the perspiration of our natural body oils PH levels).

**You can clean all types of tarnish off easily using a specially designed cleaning cloth made for sterling silver, or use a foam / paste cleaner also designed especially for cleaning silver along with a soft bristle toothbrush, or cotton swab to get in the tight crevasses like the bail of your pendant.  Household cleaning supplies, or general chemicals should always be avoided when you clean your jewelry.  Some areas of the jewelry that are not readily seen have not been tumble polished, so they can appear to be a darker charcoal gray, and this may not be tarnish, but it could just be an unpolished surface. 

**Please store your jewelry in a zip bag when you are not wearing it, and follow proper cleaning instructions using a cleaner for silver to keep the sheen, color and luster of you Sterling Silver jewelry in great shape so it can last you a lifetime! 


Polishing cloths are a great choice for quick clean ups day to day.

For deep cleaning, professionals use jewelry cleaning foam that has a pinkish tone that is the "rouge" part of the active cleaner.  This formulation will remove all tarnish and protect your jewelry.

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