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Jewelry Trends Thor's Hammer Celtic Norse Sterling Silver Pendant with 18 Inch Box Chain Necklace

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Crafted of fine .925 Sterling Silver, this pendant features Thor's hammer accented with Celtic designs and knot work. This necklace includes an 18-inch box chain with spring ring closure. Complimentary gift box included with purchase. Peter Stone Jewelry Designs are exclusive and protected by Copyright Laws. This regal Thor's Hammer pendant adorned with spirals and a Celtic trinity knot is an effective protection amulet for strength. Wear this popular Viking God symbol of Norse heritage that dates back to ancient times. Thor is an ancient Celtic Druid Pagan Norse symbol. In Norse Viking mythology, Thor is the god of thunder and his hammer (called Mjolnir) has the power of lightning. In Celtic mythology, knots symbolize geometry that was sacred to the ancient people and they believed it represented the connection between all life in the universe. A trinity knot is also called a triquetra meaning “triangle” in Latin. Trinity Knots are a common religious symbol in Pagan and Christian heritage. The three points of the Irish trinity knot represent the holy trinity: the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit in Christian folk lore. The Druid Pagans believe it represents the forces of nature; earth, fire and water, also the three goddesses; the mother of creation, the maiden of innocence, and the crone of wisdom.